Creative Collection: Chloe Dymond

Chloe is the first artist to be shown in the Creative collection series. I did this shoot close to a week ago now in a great café in Stoke-On-trent called Pilgrims Pit, a must visit for any travellers, and especially for locals! The shoot went really well thanks to Chloe and Pilgrims. You can see all about Chloe, her style, artwork and photos from the shoot below. Happy reading!

I’m Chloé Dymond, 3D design graduate from Staffordshire University originally from North Wales, now working as a graduate trainee in the Technical /Quality control department at pottery giant Steelite International. I have been there for 18 months and have been privileged to travel to London, Moscow, and Spain with work! I love doing any arts and crafts. I love pottery but surprised my creative urges I started drawing, I free hand my own take on mandala patterns, and I love the intricate symmetrical nature of my designs. I also have recently started embroidery, which I find very therapeutic.

I draw for enjoyment mainly, I find it takes my mind to a different place; it’s a huge de-stress for me. I do sell my designs but I normally sell them for charity! So any money given for a drawing (except expenses for frames and postage) all goes to charity! I am currently raising money for SANE UK a leading mental health charity in the run up to the Miss Inked Beauty UK Finals this may! It’s a one of a kind tattooed only beauty pageant that celebrates the uniqueness of individuals!

What would you say your ‘style’ is?

I don’t no how to describe my style, I just buy what I like the look of and try to put it together in an outfit, I like black and nude tones, team with a bit of leather. You can never go wrong with jeans and a leather jacket!!

Are your style choices influenced by your art?

I would say so yes! I find that my artist outcomes are often monochrome! But my work/mood boards/ education sketchbooks are brightly coloured! I see this reflecting in my tattoos, as I have a highly colourful left side and a black and grey right hand side!

Is there anyone you could say is your style influence?

The media and celebrities, they play a big part in what we see day to day on social media on TV etc. And when new trends come out it’s like a must have thing.

Do you think being creative has influenced the way you dress?

Yes! I often either go all out or nothing at all! My art shows this by the amount of detail and dedication to each piece. And I dress the same, I’m always over dressed, but as I’m my grandmother said to me, you never no who you will see at the time so dress your best!

Have you ever made or altered your own clothes? If so, what?

I have! I love up-cycling things, cutting up old t-shirt to make new ones; my best piece of up cycled clothing has to be my ripped jeans. Blue high waisted jeans from new look, which I dropped, pink hair dye on in my moment of madness thinking pink hair was a good idea! So I bleached the jeans and out rips all down the front! Good as new!!

Do you think there is a difference between ‘fashion’ and ‘style’?

I think there is yes. I think style is your own personal choice, what you decide looks nice, what you feel good in yourself. Where as fashion is very broad and delegates what you should like ‘this season’.

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