Creative Collection: Lynn Davis

It’s safe to say that due to growing up in Stoke-On-Trent I’ve seen my fair share of pottery. So it is always interesting seeing it being used in new and interesting ways. Lynn is a jewelry maker who creates pieces with found broken fragments of pottery. It was great to meet someone who had so much talent and passion for reinventing forgotten artwork. It is obvious that Lynn’s style has been influenced by her creative side, as you can see from this feature.

With both Welsh and British roots, I was born and raised in Vancouver, Canada to a British-born father who travelled to Canada as a child with his war-bride mother. I have designed and made silver jewelry since 2000, when I first began studying jewelry art and design in Vancouver, before moving to the UK. An active Gold Member of the Guild of British Jewelry Designers, I am motivated by the idea of forging an eclectic union of new and old, as well as raising awareness to reducing our footprint on the planet.

I’ve been making jewelry since 2000, but Unearthed Jewelry is still quite a new venture – of course, it’s been brewing in my mind probably since I moved to the UK. The UK Pottery industry has been a clear inspiration in my current work. I live in Stone, in Staffordshire at the edge of the Potteries, so there’s lots around everywhere – on the local common, along the canal, or on walks. When I moved to Stone, I started collecting pieces I found whilst gardening, but my collection also grew to include shards found in other places, by the seaside on holiday, in other counties such as Derbyshire, Wales and so on. After breaking a sugar bowl given to me by my grandmother, and not being able to throw it away, the idea of turning it into something else and my love of making jewelry came together. I made one piece, and then started using the shards I found. I love reconnecting with the craftsmen of the past and ensuring their stories aren’t lost by upcycling their work and repurposing it. Each piece I make comes with the provenance I have been able to uncover, connecting you to the land and history of the shard.

I’ve had my jewelry described in many ways – Jewelry with a Potteries twist…. Living history… but I like to think of it as jewelry. My career started out in something completely different – I used to work in Human Resources and Business Analysis and even worked for the NHS for several years. I’ve always enjoyed making jewelry. Starting my own business where I love what I do went on my bucket list in my early 20s, but my idea for pottery shard jewelry combined really well with my desire to be at home more for our son after he was born. I’m so excited that I have been able to turn that goal into reality.

How would you say your style reflects your creativity?

My style definitely reflects my love of old and new – I do like wearing vintage and 2nd hand clothing. I also love to wear colour.

Do you care a lot about fashion?

I don’t tend to pay too much attention to fashion trends these days. I am more interested in what appeals to my eye and looks good on me.

What would you say your ‘style’ is?

That’s a tough question and I think my style changes on a daily basis. It’s heavily influenced by what I am going to do that day, my mood and so on. My style can range from sporty, to classy to pretty and so on!

Are your style choices influenced by your art?

Quite possibly – I wear a lot more blue now – perhaps that’s due to wanting to wear my pieces more….

Is there anyone you could say is your style influence?

I can’t say there has been anyone that I follow what they wear, no.

Do you think being creative has influenced the way you dress?

Definitely. It’s certainly moved me away from looking at fashion trends and given me more confidence to wear what I like and not worry about fitting in.

Have you ever made or altered your own clothes? If so, what?

Yes. It was trendy to do when I was younger – from adding fabric inserts down the side of my jeans, to more recently, doing something really simple, like turning scarves into infinity scarves.

Do you think there is a difference between ‘fashion’ and ‘style’?

Yes. To me, fashion is what the magazines and name brands are selling to us and trying to get us to buy and wear. Style is more to do with how an individual decides to express themselves through their own dress.

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