Creative Collection – Chloe Belcher

I met Chloe as part of the Creative Collection. It was really interesting to hear about her Fine Arts degree and how the people around her influence the way she dresses.


I am Chloe (Belcher), I study Fine Art at Staffordshire University and I am in my final year. I work at a pub on the weekends and take part in various voluntary works in Stoke-On-Trent based in local communities. I produce installation, photography and film work; I focus on the concept of the everyday and how society is influenced by what is around us. My current practice focuses on the effects that buildings have on us and the needs we require from them.

Are your style choices influenced by your art? I don’t necessarily think that they are, but people around particular people each day does influence your thoughts. Art is very open and diverse so the people I am around each day is from all walks of life.

Do you feel that artists have a certain look, if so what are the traits? I wouldn’t think that they have a particular look, we just get assumed as ‘different’ and ‘absurd’ through our career choices.

Do you think you dress a certain way to be seen as an artist/creative? If I was promoting myself at an exhibition I think you do focus on an audience, to be remembered from the interaction they have with you.


Have you ever made or altered your own clothes? If so, what? I have altered skirts and jeans before. Bleach dyed jeans and skirt alters to make them sit high wasted rather than low.

Who would you say inspires your clothing? My mum always dressed me in dungarees and second hand clothing when I was younger, so I am a magpie for bargains and 90’s styling.

Where do you tend to shop for clothes? I tend to shop in charity shops, Primark, H & M and online vintage shops.

Do you think there is a difference between ‘fashion’ and ‘style? I assume fashion mainly as being connected to catwalk and trends, which relates to fashion forecasting and what you see in the shops. Style is an individual choice that can be influenced by fashion but not always.