Creative Collection – Janine Mirynda Heath

Janine was a delight to photograph. Being a dancer there were many options for an interesting photograph. It was fun to hear all about her fashion choices as well as seeing how her fashion reflects her bubbly personality.


I’m Janine, 30, and I’m addicted to hobbies! I collect them a bit like Pokémon – I dance (ballet, tap, modern, street, Latin), I play the violin at events such as weddings and parties, I’m also a self-confessed crochet addict and enjoy making anything from hats and necklaces to toys and bunting. But in fairness, I will give anything a go; this has included church bell ringing, acting, and playing medieval instruments and more.

I do have a day job, I work in marketing and PR and live in a village called Blythe Bridge. I’ve been dancing on and off since I was 2 when I joined Marilyn Jones Dance Centre. I still attend Marilyn’s, but I also go to Premier Dance in Longton for Latin and Daniel Jones Dance for a pro ballet class. If I could fit more dance into my life, I would! I’d say I’m perhaps the most accomplished at tap dancing, although I very much love my ballet too. Although I’ve made a lot of crafty things in my time, I’m currently working a lot with wool. I’m a keen crocheter, but I also make little yarn birds and pom flowers. I’d like to start working with British wool and do have access to plenty of natural fleece, but I need someone to spin it for me! My mum is a brilliant knitter, and I guess she sparked my interest in handmade woolen goods and gifts.

Do you feel that more creative people have a certain look, if so what are the traits? I think if you are a creative person, you have a natural eye for detail. I also think that creative people are more experimental with their style and look, perhaps experimenting with colour, texture and shape.   I don’t think there is a particular ‘look’, more the ability to look a little different from the norm.

Do you care a lot about fashion? I wouldn’t say I care about fashion in the slightest. I’ve never really bought something just because it’s trendy or fashionable. Sometimes, knowing that millions of other people are wearing that particular item or style completely turns me off! I prefer to stick to what I know works for me and my body. If I like it, I buy it! So I guess you might say that I care about what I wear, not what’s fashionable.

Are your style choices influenced by your hobbies? I do wear my creations! I have a couple of crochet statement necklaces that I wear as well as headbands, scarves, hats etc. I have an appreciation for anything handmade, so ask my mum to knit me individual pieces. I also buy handmade jewelry from my friend – she recently made me a beautiful pea pod necklace. In terms of dance-inspired, I’m perhaps a little old for this but I do wear snap backs, dungarees, hi-top trainers and a lot of glitter! I don’t really dress my age. I just wear what I like and yes, street wear is part of that!

Who would you say inspires your clothing? I don’t have a specific style icon, but I do admire female artists such as Annie Lennox, Stevie Nicks (Fleetwood Mac), Kate Bush and Tori Amos. I envy their individuality and confidence. I steal quite a lot of clothing from my mum because she never throws anything away. I have some amazing baby pink ‘mum’ shorts from the early 90s and an original vintage sheepskin coat.


Where do you tend to shop for clothes?  I buy my clothes everywhere! If money were no object, I’d be shopping in independent boutiques etc and buying vintage designer. Unfortunately, because my purse doesn’t allow it, I’m a fan of New Look,, eBay and raiding my mum’s collection. Quite often I’ll buy something from a high street shop and then customise it to make it look a bit different.

Do you think there is a difference between ‘fashion’ and ‘style’There is definitely a difference between fashion and style. I don’t necessarily do fashion, but I like to think I do do style! Fashion is more about trends and what the big designer labels are pushing through onto the high street. Style is your individual look and the way you wish to portray yourself to the world. That’s my view anyway.

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