Do Fashion Trends Still Exist?

In times gone by fashion trends became iconic with a decade, from the mini skirt of the sixties to the seventies flares, these looks are seminomas with there eras. In today’s world of instant catwalk updates, celebrity culture and viral trends that are forgotten overnight it seems that the typical ‘fashion trend’ has lost its significance.

Right photo taken at Mary Quant exhibition (Gallery of Costume, Manchester) –

Disposable fashion has been part of everyday life for years now, but it seems that the popularity of social media sharing this has driven many consumers to buy clothes based on online inspiration, rather than a specific trend. Many styles come and go overnight. Others last for a season or two, but the idea of one trend lasting longer seems, well out-of-date. Of course many designers and high street chains still use fashion weeks as a guide but the impact of celebrities, bloggers, and social media influence has changed the industry completely.

So what does this mean for us, the consumer?

Opportunity to experiment
For many people, myself included a fashion trend felt like a comfort. It meant that I could buy a top, shoes etc. and know I was somewhat was trendy. The problem with this is, it does not give you any encouragement to experiment. It meant that I would play safe and not find clothes that suit me. The idea of keeping up with the latest style, buying new items constantly seems a bit pointless now, and not to mention expensive. The solution, experiment with outfits. If you can afford go to new and upcoming designers, looking to demonstrate their work. If you are on a budget, charity shops and online sites like EBay are a great place to find clothes to try out and experiment with styles.

Be unique
Try not to think about what you saw someone wearing and it looked really nice. Try to go into a shop with an open mind. Look around and pick out clothes that you like. Think about the shape, style, fit, colour and how it reflects your personality.

Find your style
This is the most important part. Find clothes that you feel comfortable in, that make you happy, rather than outfits you think you should wear. Find a fit that suits your shape, and once you have done that you have a better idea of what looks good and you can create your own style. This doesn’t mean that you should stick to one type of clothing and just wear variations of the same outfit. Pick clothes that make you happy and most of all give you confidence.