Is Fashion Art?

Should fashion be seen as an art form? Many people say that fashion is not art it’s just practical. With more clothes being displayed in museums around the world the idea of fashion being seen as artwork is becoming more acceptable.

Certainly when it comes to certain designers, there is so much effort put into creating a garment, it would be difficult to argue the outfit was not a piece of art. Similarly the way many creative people express their personality through their style can be seen as an alternative expression of their artwork. Often artist clothes reflect their own designs, art and creations.

What it comes down to is personal opinion. Do you see fashion as an art?

There are many ways you can feel more artistic in the way you dress without spending a fortune in a unique designer outfit. Here are some ideas you can try at home using the old re-work method. The tried and tested way of creating a your own style with the forgotten part of the wardrobe.



Depending on how adventurous you want to be fringing could be a great way to start experimenting with old unloved clothes. Some things to think about before taking the fringe plunge – make sure the fabric is durable enough to not fall apart as soon as you cut into the material. Another point, fringe is a great addition to an outfit, too much can look like you’ve stepped out of a John Wayne film, unless that’s the look your going for then own it!

A great place to start is an old t-shirt. If it doesn’t work out it’s no great expensive lost, and if it does work a fringed t-shirt looks great with either straight jeans or a pencil skirt.



If you are a dedicated follower of fashion you’ll be aware that embroidery is this seasons must have design. In every shop, every magazine you can see it cropping up. If you want to recreate this look yourself think about what sort of pattern you want to feature. Most common is floral designs, however it is completely up to your personal taste. That is the best part of creating your own style.

It starts with finding a pattern you love. It doesn’t have to come from specialist embroidery patterns, it can be something you found and traced the outline for, or even something you’ve drawn yourself. There are plenty of tutorials online to help you create a personalized pattern. It’s a matter of finding a pattern you like and experimenting.



Using fabric paint to create a design is the ultimate artist expression when it comes to re-working clothes. It gives you the chance to be unique and creative. There are plenty of ways to use paint on fabrics and potential to be as creative as you wish. One-way would be to use a brush and paint a design either free hand or by using an outline. This option would give you a chance to be as detailed as you like, and to recreate your favourite pattern or artwork.

Other ideas include using objects to make marks on to fabric. Stamps are an easy way to make patterns on to your clothes.


Pom poms

Pom Poms were attached to everything last summer, and they are a great way to cheer up tired items. These little colourful gems are not going to win any price at the fashion awards but they certainly add character and fun to your wardrobe.


If you are wary of going to far straight away good place to start is sewing a few to an old handbag. This will give you some idea if you like them or not. From there just go with it, they are a great addition on cuffs and shoes. I must warm you however, once you started pom poming it’s hard to stop!