Is Fashion Art?

Should fashion be seen as an art form? Many people say that fashion is not art it’s just practical. With more clothes being displayed in museums around the world the idea of fashion being seen as artwork is becoming more acceptable. Certainly when it comes to certain designers, there is so much effort put into … Continue reading Is Fashion Art?

Creative Collection – Chloe Belcher

I met Chloe as part of the Creative Collection. It was really interesting to hear about her Fine Arts degree and how the people around her influence the way she dresses. I am Chloe (Belcher), I study Fine Art at Staffordshire University and I am in my final year. I work at a pub on … Continue reading Creative Collection – Chloe Belcher

Spring On Trend

One of this year biggest trends is one that never really disappears, and happens to be easy to wear, stripes. You may be thinking how are stripes going to help me express my artist side, when I think of stripes I tend to think of smart shirts, and suits. But there are currently lots of … Continue reading Spring On Trend

Creative Collection – Kate Windsor

Walking in to Kate’s studio would be any creatives dream. Full of beautiful artwork, clothes, art supplies, you could spend all day in the space very happily. I met Kate through the Creative Collection project and was thrilled to meet someone with so much passion and talent for art. This creative energy shines through all […]